1. Procedures and Practices Evaluation (1-5)
At the beginning of the course a description was given along with objectives and detailed program
At the beginning of the course information regarding required tasks and topics was provided
The mode of formation of the final grade was discussed and defined at the beginning
The instructor informed about ways to communicate with students
The curriculum was followed consistently
2. The instructor Evaluation (1-5)
Has a very good knowledge of the subject taught
Gives well prepared and organized lectures
Is clearly audible and has enthusiasm for the course
Encourages and adequately answers students' questions
Cares if the class understands or not the material of the lecture and acts accordingly
Is friendly and behaves politely
Gives examples and exercises of varying difficulty in the lectures
Explains the applicable and useful in the business and technical level of the material
Uses modern teaching means and media
3. Compared with other courses attended Evaluation (1-5)
The course is useful and valuable
The course covers reasonable amount of material in relation to the hours of instruction
The curriculum of the course is difficult
I think I had a good understanding of the subject during the lectures
The course blends well and has no overlaps with other courses
4. Course material (books/notes) Evaluation (1-5)
The educational material was timely
The training material has the right mix of theory and solved examples
The educational material was adequate in size and depth
The literature provided by the instructor for lectures was extensive
Emphasis was placed on case studies or other means for connecting to the real economy
5. Homework Evaluation (1-5)
The homework require reasonable time to prepare
The homework contributed to the understanding of the course
The homework was evaluated and returned timely to the students
The answers to homework problems are given or discussed in class
Students have control over the degree they pursuing for the course
6. Laboratory and infrastructure Evaluation (1-5)
Conditions in the room/lab help teaching
The laboratory equipment is in good working condition
All students have the opportunity to use the lab
The venue of the lab is in reasonably good condition
7. Overall Assessment Evaluation (1-5)
Overall Rating for the course, taking into account the difficulties and possibilities
8. Exams Evaluation (1-5)
The teacher is approachable during examinations to answer any questions
The exams assess accurately the effort made by the students
The examination papers are returned promptly rated to the students
The answers to the exams are given or discussed individually
Students have the ability to complain about the assessment of their answers
The examinations are given in ways that preclude the possibility of copying
Students have equal opportunities to score fairly in class
The test time is sufficient to answer all questions
The examination questions are reasonable in difficulty
The formation of the final grade was stimulated by different examination ways
In overall the way of the exams satisfy me

1 Briefly note other comments regarding the content of the lectures of the course

2 Briefly note other observations relating to the course instructor

3 Briefly note other comments regarding the exams for the course

4 Could other media (not currently available) be used during the lectures?

5 Formulate briefly other thoughts and comments on this course

6 What is your opinion about the questionnaire? Could you propose other communication processes?

In comparison to other courses, this course was